Akron Cooperative Farm

June 13, the greenhouse given to the Akron Cooperative Farm by Trinity United Church of Christ has been reassembled! In addition, raised garden beds were built for use by the North High School Disabled Student’s Group, picnic tables were built, and the Akron Cooperative Farm sign was moved to a new location. What a beautiful and blessed day!

Dear all, what a fine day we had!  Congratulations to all!  It was a great privilege to be a part of all this goodness. YAY First Serve!  Yay everyone! It would be hard to imagine a better day for the raising of the building. It was a JOY to see a structure built in a day, and to do some of the work as well to get it finished. SO many people to thank and acknowledge!!

Mary O’Conner

ACF Board of Directors

It was a great day – with great crews, great leaders and I am glad to be back serving in north Akron!

Karen Farkas, FCCH

Julia & I both agreed it was fun, and was such a great “mental health day,” being outdoors in the gorgeous weather and working side by side with our church friends helping others.

Thanks for coordinating everything!

Leslie Bowser, FCCH