North Hill Community of Akron

Located north of downtown, North Hill is one of Akron’s most vibrant and multicultural neighborhoods. As its name suggests, the community is perched upon a hilltop, surrounded by valleys. North Hill went relatively undeveloped until 1922 when the city constructed a viaduct to connect it to downtown. The All-American Bridge, known locally as the Y-Bridge, replaced the viaduct in 1981. 

Historically, North Hill has served as a welcoming enclave for immigrants. In the early 1900s, Italian, Polish, Croatian, and Irish immigrants who came to work in the rubber factories or establish new lives as laborers and merchants settled in the neighborhood. The locals have preserved this hospitable spirit as they continue to welcome refugees and immigrants worldwide.

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Today, North Hill welcomes new Americans from Nepal, Burma, The Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Pakistan, Serbia, Ukraine, Mexico, Guatemala, China, Korea, Cambodia, Miramar, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Honduras, and many other countries around the world. These new neighbors have opened up businesses and breathed life into a once stagnant community. The influx of new neighbors has created momentum towards neighborhood revitalization that is slowly transforming North Hill for the better. For more information about the rich history of North Hill, visit this website.