Who can participate? Anyone! Projects are designed for families and people of all ages and abilities.

How can I register? Online registration will begin August 1st.

Can I register my family all at once? Yes, families are encouraged to register together!

Can I register my child or youth? All middle school and younger children are required to register with a supervising adult.


Parking and Logistics

Each project is assigned a project leader who will communicate to you the location of the project and directions on how to get to that location. You will park at the site of the project.


How will I find out more specific information about my project? Once you register, your contact information will be sent to your project leader. Your leader will contact you with details closer to the actual date of the project. If you have any questions in the meantime, contact Sue Wimer at, Kris Stoehr at, or Amy Baldwin at

What Should I Bring to the Worksite?

Tool/supplies: In most cases, tools and supplies will be provided. For some projects, you may be asked to bring certain materials with you. Your leader will give you details.


What should I wear? A First Serve t-shirt will be provided. Please be aware not all locations in North High School are air conditioned. Please be practical – dress in layers, wear sunscreen and be prepared for a variety of conditions.


Food: Please bring snacks and water. Lunch will be provided by First Serve at North High School. 



What happens if it rains? Your project leader will be in communication with you to determine if the project will be delayed due to weather.