Who can participate? Anyone! Projects are designed for families and people of all ages and abilities.

How can I register? Registration opens in August.

Can I choose my the project and location that I am working on? Yes. 

Can I register my family all at once? Yes, the registration system will allow you to register up to 10 people.

Can I register a child? Yes, children can participate with their parents. For the safety of all involved, adults who are working on a project with minors will be background checked. Parents and guardians of minors are asked to complete permission forms following registering any under-aged participant.


Parking and Logistics

Where can I park for the Sending Service?


Map Information

YELLOW: The Civic.

ORANGE: indicates parking areas.

MAGENTA: indicates the current construction zone.

BLACK ARROWS: Indicate traffic flow direction.

(PLEASE NOTE: While parts of the street may remain open.  This is a constant changing situation)

  • Main Street (King James Way), in front of the Civic, remains open for Northbound traffic only.  Southbound traffic is currently closed.
  • Entrance to the theatre will depend on where you park.
  • The sidewalks on W. Bowery are CLOSED to pedestrians.
  • Eastbound traffic on W. Bowery Street is currently closed.  Westbound traffic is open.
  • If you are parking on W. Bowery then we suggest the Cascade Parking Deck. You can enter the Civic on the Bowery St. Entrance.
  • If you are preferring to enter the theatre on Main Street then the O’Neils (State Street) Parking Deck is recommended.
  • For those with disabilities, your best place to drop off will be in front on Main Street under the marquee. (Go behind the orange cones and drop off right at the entrance.)
  • Please watch for uneven pavement and gravel.


Where will I park for my project?  Once you register, your project leader will give you specifics closer to the day. If you do not hear from your leader for any reason, please contact Sue Wimer (swimer@hudsonucc.org).

Where will I park for the Celebration Event? The Celebration Event will take place at Lock 3. Lock 3, located in the middle of downtown Akron, is surrounded by several parking decks and a surface lot. The decks include the Summit County Parking Deck on High Street, the State Street Parking Deck on State Street and the Cascade Parking Facility off of Mill Street. Surface lots are located on W. Bowery Street west of Main Street.




How will I find out more specific information about my project? Once you register, your contact information will be sent to your project leader. Your leader will contact you with details closer to the actual day of service. If you have any questions in the meantime, contact Sue Wimer at swimer@hudsonucc.org.

Do I need to bring supplies to the project site? In most cases, supplies will be provided. For some projects, you may be asked to bring certain materials with you. Your leader will give you details.


What should I wear? T-shirts are provided for all registered volunteers – please be sure to denote sizing on your registration form. T-shirts will be available at the Akron Civic Theater on September 8. Please be practical – dress in layers, wear sunscreen and be prepared for a variety of conditions.


What happens if it rains? This is a rain or shine event.


Food? Please bring your own snacks and lunch to the project site.  Each crew leader will set aside a time for the crew to take a break and eat lunch together. This is a great way to get to know the people on your crew.

Snacks at the Celebration Concert? The concert will be preformed by an Eagles Tribute Band. At the Lock 3 Concession Stand, First Serve will provide complimentary hotdog, bag of chips, drink and a cookie to all participants. Other items will be available for an additional cost. For those wearing a First Serve t-shirt the concert is free of charge.