First Serve Summer Intern Program

First Serve’s Summer Intern Program brings together high school students from North High School and surrounding suburban communities who work as a team on projects at our community partner locations for eight weeks. This program builds relationships among students from a variety of cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds.┬áIt continues to be another boundary-breaking opportunity for students to engage with one another in service to the community.

“I have been able, during this internship, to reach out to others beyond my community and help those in need which has encouraged me to want to do it more.” – Intern, Class of 2021

Through the program, students learn to cross cultural barriers and explore new friendships that invite them to see others as trusted colleagues. Bringing these students together contributes to their mutual flourishing.

“I have learned three things from this internship: Diversity – while we are all different, making friends with different people is good. Community – I learned that community > differences. Acceptance – I knew no matter what I was accepted here.” – Intern, Class of 2021

“I was surprised by what I take for granted. I saw the life differences in my fellow interns and I was surprised by how I haven’t taken steps to make an impact before this.” – Intern, Class of 2021

The Summer Intern program accepts applications from high school students attending North High School and surrounding suburban high schools beginning in February each year. Applications will be available at that time. First Serve is very grateful for The Akron Community Foundation’s support of this program!