What's First Serve?

First Serve brings together more than 800 individuals from different faiths and backgrounds to work alongside each other for a day of volunteering in Akron.

First Congregational Church of Hudson leads this effort in partnership with Temple Beth Shalom, the Islamic Society of Akron and Kent and several other faith communities in the Hudson and Akron area. Leaders from the city of Akron are also part of the support team that has helped grow this amazIng event.

Volunteers begin the day at a sending service, a 30-minute gathering that includes music and prayer from all three faith traditions. Then, volunteers are sent into the community to work on a variety of projects – anything from painting, to landscaping work, ally cleanups and beyond. The day concludes with celebration services in the communities where volunteers have served – bringing together the volunteers and residents with food and fun.

This year, projects will be located in Akron’s North Hill Community.

When one person is doing better and starts reaching out to other people … it is powerful. 


Homeowner, Summit Lake Community

I was happy to see that there are organizations willing to step into your community and make an impact on your life.


Homeowner, Summit Lake Community

The North Hill Community is located north of downtown Akron. The neighborhood developed rapidly in the 1910s and 1920s, and became Akron’s preeminent immigrant neighborhood, home to a large Italian and Polish population. Today, it is once again Akron’s preeminent immigrant neighborhood, now home to a thriving and growing community of newcomers from Bhutan, Burma, and Nepal, according to Jason Segedy, Notes from the Underground. Projects are located at the Patterson Community Center, Sammis Park, Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority, neighborhoods parks, non-profit organizations, business and residential properties.